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Gantry Type Laser Cutting Machine
Gantry Type Laser Cutting Machine
Adopt advanced technology from BALLIU, USA.
Gantry design for maximum rigidity, speed and accuracy.
PANASONIC, Japan YB-L250A8 (2500 W) laser generator.
Full set cutting head LaserMECH, USA - latest SIEMENS 840D system (option Fagor 8055i+).

Product Description

HLH Series

Parameter Unit HLH-1530 HLH-2040 HLH-3060
Process range (length x width) mm 3000x1500 4000x2000 6000x2000
X axis stroke mm 3100 4100 6100
Y axis stroke mm 1550 2100 2100
Z axis stroke mm 100 100 100
X axis position speed m/min 120 90 90
Y axis position speed m/min 120 90 90
X/Y axis max resultant speed m/min 170 127 127
Z axis position speed m/min 60 60 30
Position precision mm ±0.05 ±0.05 ±0.05
Re-position precision mm 0.02 0.02 0.02
Cutting precision mm ±0.1 ±0.1 ±0.1
Slotting width mm 0.15-0.3 0.15-0.3 0.15-0.3
Max suport weight of worktable kg 750 900 1500
Space mm 11430x5380 14500x6150 18500x8500
Weight kg 14500 16500 2300

HLH Series - Standard Accessories

  • CNC controller is FAGOR8055i, Spain.
  • PANASONIC YB-L250A8 (2500 W) laser generator, Japan.
  • LASERMECH cutting head,USA.
  • Equipped with exchange worktables.
  • Equipped with blower dust removal device Equipped with water cooling unit.
  • Equipped cooling and drying machine (SMC, Japan).
  • Equipped with light beam compensation device II-VI beam expander (HLH-2040).
  • Often-used internal hexagonal key spanner.

HLH Series - Optional Accessories

  • Program software METALIX CNCKAD V9.5.
  • Program software from Radan.
  • Laser generator PANASONIC, Japan YB-L330A8 (3300 W).
  • Laser generator PANASONIC, Japan YB-L400A8 (4000 W).
  • Laser generator CP4000, Italy (4000 W).
  • Laser generator DC025 from ROFIN,Germany (2500 W).
  • Laser generator DC030 from ROFIN,Germany (3000 W).
  • Laser generator DC040 from ROFIN,Germany (4000 W).
  • CNC controller is 840D from SIEMENS, Germany.
  • Cutting head PRECITEC CM2 ,USA.
  • Cutting head PRECITEC HP1.5Z.
  • PRECITEC HP1.5M (has function of automatic adjustment of focus, perforation automatic detection ).
  • Dust removal device DONALDSON, USA.
  • Blowing, injection device.
  • Light beam compensation device, self-adaptation reflector.