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HKM 40

Product Description

HKM 60 60 Ton represents the power for the machine. Machine has 4 KW electrical motor and power gained from this motor transmitted to the main piston via hydraulic equipments then machine gets ready to work by using the foot pedal .Basicly working principle is the same like the double piston machines but on these type of machine there is one work station that can be slided left and right manuelly.
There is an electrical switch on the electrical panel and this switch ables you to choose punching side or cutting side of the machines Piston working stroke can be adjusted manually by simply turning the switch on the electrical panel to stroke side and bringing down the piston by pressing the foot pedal then desired position is set by fixing the stroke switch right under the working station.
Station number 1 is U notching side.Station number 4 is solid round square bar cutting side.Station number 5 is flat bar cutting side. Station number 3 is straight and degreed angle cutting side and station number 2 is puching side .There is also option of pres brake attachment in some specific lenght and thickness.All these stations are connected to single piston and is able to worked by a foot pedal.

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