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Product Details

Hype Cut
Hype Cut
Classification:Co2 Laser

Product Description

HYPE CUT is one of the classic model 2D high-power laser cutting machine equipped with Blade or Compact Laser Source.
  • Dual-core technology for both Laser source, cutting head, CNC System and machine body integration.
  • Gantry structure with flying-optics design.
  • State-of-art laser source with patent technology of DKSS(Double Kinematic Support System) and Modular Switch Power Supply.
  • Professional Z32 control system with 17” TFT touch screen.
  • Advanced smart cutting head with auto focus, smart piercing and piercing detection function.
  • Rigid & stable machine body frame with separate exhausting zone.


Model Hype Cut
Table Size 3000x1500mm 4000x2000mm
X/Y Position Accuracy ±0.03mm/m
X/Y Repeatability ±0.01mm
Rapid Speed 85m/min
Max. Acceleration 0.8G
X Travel 1500mm 4000mm
Y Travel 3000mm 2000mm
Z Travel 150mm 150mm
Power 2200/3000/4000W
Dimension 9200X3050X1900mm 11200x3660x1900mm
Weight 12500KG 14500KG

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