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Textile Laser
Textile Laser

Product Description

The MX laser system has been designed to transform every type of fabric from roll to roll in continuous mode. This technology guarantees extraordinary decorating results. The MX laser systems are also widely used in the processing of leather, ceramics, wallpaper and other materials including wood, glass and stoneware.
  • Polar, galvanometric scanning systems for covering large working areas in a single solution with no interruptions.
  • MX laser technology for continuous working of textiles from roll to roll and in extended sheets.
  • Dynamic focus with galvanometric technology for uniform marking over the entire area.
  • The latest generation of RF laser sources offering enhanced control of the power emitted, reduced maintenance compactness and automatic re-filler.


Overall machine dimension 5200 x 3250 x 3600mm
Console 620x620x1400mm
Machine power supply 3-phase 380v
Roll height 1800mm
Working speed (up to) 4.0m/min
Marking line thickness 0.4-2mm
Reading format HPGL, BMP 256 (8bit)
Weight 4900Kg

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