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CNC Swing Beam Shearing Machines
CNC Swing Beam Shearing Machines
High cost-effective DELEM DAC 310 or E20 CNC controller.
Highly reliable hydraulic control with REXROTH, Germany system.
Fast and stepless blade gap adjustment.
Rapid and accurate positioning of backguage by invertor motor.
Light alignment for fast positioning.
Several safety features.

Product Description

QC12K Series

Parameter Unit QC12K-6x2500 QC12K-6x3200 QC12K-6x4000
Max cutting thickness mm 6 6 6
Max cutting length mm 2500 3200 4000
Back gauge range mm 600 600 600
Power of motor kW 7.5 7.5 7.5
Tank volume L 300 350 350
Overall dimension(LxWxH) mm 3150x1630x1950 3850x1630x1950 4640x1880x2100
Weight kg 5200 5900 8600

QC12K Series - Standard Accessories

  • ESTUN E20 NC controller.
  • Backguage driven by T-screw, rod-shaft guide.
  • AC motor + frequency converter.
  • Germany hydraulic system .
  • WN main motor.
  • Backgauge is moved with T-screw, guided by rod-shaft and driven by AC motor.
  • One set of standard blade (upper and lower) material is 6CrW2Si.
  • Three pieces sheet support (one arm with scale and the front stopper, scale display length is 1000 mm).
  • Often-used internal hexagonal key spanner for adjusting blades.

QC12K Series - Optional Accessories

  • DELEM DAC310, Netherlands CNC controller (with backguage AC servomotor).
  • ELGO P40, Germany CNC controller (with backguage AC servomotor).
  • Backgauge equipped with ball screw and guide by rod-shaft.
  • Sumitomo oil pump.
  • Angle protractor.
  • Front sheet support arms.
  • 6CrW2Si blade changed to Cr12MoV blade.