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Mid Range CNC Press Brakes "Made for Europe"
Mid Range CNC Press Brakes "Made for Europe"
High speed, high precision, high rigidity.
Electro-hydraulic servo system, complete closed-loop control the synchronization of ram.
Worktable with automatic hydraulic crowning compensation.
Throat deformation compensation mechanism, ensure the bending depth and precision.

Product Description

PBA Series 80

Parameter Unit PBA-80/2550
Nominal Presure KN 800
Length of work table mm 2550
Distance between uprights mm 2150
Throat depth mm 350
Ram stroke mm 175
Die setting height mm 440
Ram speed mm/s 100 |7 | 100
Power of motor kW 5.5
Tank volume L 130
Max cutting thickness mm 80
Overall dimension(LxWxH) mm 3100x1450x2190
Weight kg 6300

PBA Series - Standard Accessories

  • HOERBIGER, Germany hydraulic system (a full loop electric-hydraulic proportional servo controlled).
  • SUMITOMO, Japan oil pump.
  • WN brand main motor.
  • Standard backgauge has one CNC axis (X) and completely up and down by hand wheel with reducer.
  • Equipped with manual R axis.
  • 2-V+T slot quick change die installation on worktable (including one set of European standard tooling).
  • 80-160T equipped with standard wedge clampings.
  • 220-300T equipped with heavy model wedge clampings.
  • Two fixed front sheet support (can be adjusted left and right by the screws with standard distance).
  • Two sides door-type safety guard and rear safety guard with rear door.
  • Optical scale is Heidenhain, Germany.
  • Often-use internal hexagonal key spanner for adjusting tools.

PBA Series - Optional Accessories

  • DELEM DA65We, Netherlands CNC.
  • DELEM DA53We, Netherlands CNC.
  • CYBELEC Modeva 12S, Swiss 2D graph programming and display .
  • CYBELEC DNC 880S Swiss 2D graphic programming and display.
  • CYBELEC DNC 600S Swiss 2D graphic programming and display.
  • Various punch and die clamping system [auto-hydraulic, HAWE (Germany) or WILA type].
  • Various punches and dies according to requirement.
  • Automatic bending-help front sheet support (moving along the linear guide).
  • Extra finger-stops moving along linear guide.
  • Extra CNC axis X1, X2, R1, R2, Z1, Z2.
  • Hydraulic cooling device system.
    • water-cooling device
    • fan-cooling device
    • HYDAC, Germany fan-cooling device (Inc. automatic self-cycling)
    • Constant temperature oil-cooling device
  • Air-conditioner for electric cabinet (700W).
  • Normal safety guard system.
  • LAZERSAFE LZS003, Australia laser guarding.
  • CE standard safety guards.
  • Hydraulic system with middle-position monitoring function + Fiessler AKAS-IIF (inside PLC).
  • Hydraulic system with middle-position monitoring function + Fiessler AKAS-LCIIF (inside PLC, laser beam aligning ) + other CE requirement.
  • Hydraulic system with middle-position monitoring function + Pilz safety PLC + Leuze light curtain.