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Press Brake Tooling
Press Brake Tooling

Product Description

Press Brake Tooling is a PUNCH, V-DIE including DIE-HOLDER and accessories for a PRESS BRAKE MACHINE. The materials are made with high quality heat treated and cold treated steel. The production is controlled and designed by Japanese engineers so the quality is assured to support all models and brands of machine.

Moreover, we can design PUNCH for a specific work task to make it convenient for complicated folding work or simplify the process of changing the PUNCH (saves time).
In addition, we also have the ECO CLAMP, a Press Brake Tooling exclusive feature that will change your clamp to take the PUNCH in or out easily by just swinging the lock in and out to lock it instead of using a wrench. It is even safer if it is used with the ONE TOUCH DIE HOLDER. DIE replacement can be done easily, quickly, and more conveniently by fastening the nuts at one point to lock the DIE securely.
For 2V DIE, Press Brake Tooling has developed a DIE for easy use by using technology called the ONE TOUCH DIE, which enables the spinning of the DIE alternately to stamp the next piece of work without resetting the ALIGNMENT.

We also provide a shearing service for PUNCH and V-DIE and complete all details of work whilst maximizing the endurance.