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CNC Busbar Punching Machine
CNC Busbar Punching Machine

Product Description

Function : 
Cutting, Punching (various round hole and rectangular hole), horizontal bending, Vertical bending ,Embossing, Pressing Cable joint, Twisting, reverse flattening of Copper and Aluminium busbarsfor Copper or Aluminium bus bars.. (Numerical Control of Angle). Three units may work simultaneously , respectively and do not effort each other.
Feature : 
  1. Adopting cutting structure of double upright column ( Patent No.: ZL201120268021) for cutting unit. Cutting mouth is neat and no burr, no waste materials,
  2. Adopting tridimensional turntable of nodular cast iron material with four mould positions for Punching unit improves the condentricity of moulds, increases work life of the machine and saves the time of changing moulds
  3. Adopting closed bending for the bending unit implements uniformly embossing and bending and increase work life of the machine. adopting the work station of double level to implement three units working simultaneously for this unit and do not affect each other.
  4. Adopting PLC program to implement numerical control of the bending angles. There is touching screen
  5. Three units may work simultaneously , respectively and do not affect each other to improve processing effciency .
  6. Adopting thick steel sheets to weld for hydraulic oil tank and having Phosphating process. , so that hydraulic oil can not deteriorate for long time.
Applications & features of the machine :
This machine is mainly used for processing all kinds of copper and aluminum busbars. The user can punch, shear and fold the busbars in the corresponding processing unit. It is the ideal equipment in high & low voltage electric appliance product industry for its high production efficiency.
The machine has the following features:
  1. There are three units in the machine for punching, shearing and folding the busbar respectively. You can increase the production efficiency remarkably by using this machine with comparison to other traditional processing equipments and also it brings convenience.
  2. The working stroke of each processing unit can be adjusted conveniently (within the limited scope), so it can reduce processing time to increase production efficiency.
  3. There are four stabilizers equipped in the machine, through which the balance of the machine can be adjusted easily.
  4. Changing molds can realize other processing functions for many purposes, such as vertical folding, embossing and reverse flattening, and so on.
  5. There are two operating methods, manual buttons and foot switches, which makes its operation easy and convenient. A skilled worker can perform the task easily.
Specification : 
  1. Max Cutting, Bending, Punching Force: 30tons
  2. Overall Dimensions (Length×Width×Height) 1750mm×1350mm×1300mm
  3. Work Station Dimensions(mm): 1th station: 1500mm×1200mm. 2th station: 940mm×420mm
  4. Machine Weight(kg) 1370kg
  5. (Max Processing Thickness * Max Processing width) 12×160mm
  6. Max Punching diameter dia4.3~25mm
  7. Max width of Vertical bending 120mm
  8. Numerical control angle : No
  9. Three unit s work simultaneously: Yes