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CNC Busbar Machine
CNC Busbar Machine

Product Description

Cutting, Punching (various round hole and rectangular hole), horizontal bending, Vertical bending , Embossing, Pressing Cable joint, Twisting, reverse flattening etc for Copper or Aluminium bus bars.
  1. Adopting cutting structure of double upright column ( Patent No.: ZL201120268021) for cutting unit. Cutting mouth is neat and no burr, no waste materials,
  2. Adopting tridimensional turntable of nodular cast iron material with four mould positions for Punching unit improves the condentricity of moulds, increases work life of the machine and saves the time of changing moulds
  3. Adopting closed bending for the bending unit implements uniformly embossing and bending and increase work life of the machine.
  4. Adopting thick steel sheets to weld for hydraulic oil tank and having Phosphating process. , so that hydraulic oil can not deteriorate for long time.
  1. Max Punching, cutting,bending force 30tons .
  2. Overall Dimensions (Length×Width×Height) 1720mm×1350mm×1450mm
  3. Work Station Dimensions(mm): 1500mm×1200mm.
  4. Machine Weight(kg) 1390kg
  5. Max Processing Thickness * Max Processing width 13×160mm
  6. Max Punching diameter Diameter 4.3~25mm
  7. Max width of Vertical bending 120mm
  8. Numerical control angle : No
  9. Three unit s work simultaneously: No
Accessories with Machine:
  1. cutting Unit 1 set of Cutting knife
  2. Punching Unit 8 set of punching moulds(Diameter 7,9,11,13,17,11×15,13×15,17×25)
  3. Bending Unit 2 set of moulds of horizontal bending(total 3 pieces),
  4. 1 piece of U bending mould, 1 set of embossing mould
  5. Other 3 pieces of foot switch, 1 package of packing ring, 1 set of maintain tools
  6. 1 set of instruction manual , certificate of quality , packing list
Product Specification / Models : 303c-1
Delivery : 10 days
Origin : China
Minimum Order : 1 set
Packaging : Wooden