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KS-X151-Single Axis Copy Router
KS-X151-Single Axis Copy Router

Product Description

Developed by German Mature structure, it mainly used for milling different through holes for aluminum alloy materials of curtain walls and windows as per hole mould in 1:1 ratio. With casting technique, the worktable is very stable, durable and metabolic; the special designed fast/slow feeding device could improve the quality of machining finish and prolong the lifespan of blades.
Semi-automatic Copy Router has adjustable postpositional horizontal tri-head drill, solving the problem of inconvenient operation and unadjustalbe hole distance, it also has large machining size and high precision, furnished with adjustable tri-head drill, which could drill holes on the multipoint lock work piece and the milling & cutting would be finished within one time machining, so it is more suitable for drilling multipoint lock, milling and cutting on the adiabatic profile material.

Technical Parameter

Model and parameter Semi-automatic Drilling and Copy Router KS-X151
Worktable Dimension 510X1700 mm
Maximum working travel of vertical milling head from left to right 240mm
Maximum working travel of vertical milling head from front to rear 120 mm
Motor power 1.1kW 
Rotating speed of vertical milling tool 12000r/min
Milling tool size (Common use) φ8
Milling tool size Useable φ3/φ5
Maximum working travel of pressing cylinder 50mm
Working voltage 380VAC 50Hz
Working air pressure 0.6-0.8MPa
Overall Dimension 2520/520X630X1540MM
Tool feeding mode Manual
Machine Weight 150kg
Optional function and device Clamps, positioning templates, and retrofitted rack