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KS-J8S171Z/J8S117X-CNC Auto-Feeding Drilling and Sawing Machine
KS-J8S171Z/J8S117X-CNC Auto-Feeding Drilling and Sawing Machine

Product Description

The machine is exclusively researched and developed by our company with patented technology by adopting the internationally advanced mechanical technology and concept, in combination with our company’s professional development results. Through sawing, automatic feeding, drilling three-axis digital control, an automated assembly-line method is adopted to realize orderly machining of multiple drilling and cutting of any length of metal profile for many times. This machine is particularly applicable to the machining enterprises engaged in industrial aluminum fittings, aluminum curtain wall accessories, doors and windows hardware fittings, building hardware fittings, door-control hardware accessories and home hardware accessories, and is the latest equipment for one-time completion of drilling, counter boring, cutting and other complex machining processes for a single workpiece for many times.
The whole machine body is manufactured for one-time in the machining center after annealing treatment. Equipped with German hard alloy saw blades, imported guide rail, lead screw; and installed with hydropneumatic damper stepless speed regulation, automatic oil spray (mist) lubrication cooling device, this machine is firm and durable with precise positioning, operational sensitivity and superior stability. With the control software jointly developed with international famous enterprises, it can realize automatic detection, diagnosis, remote maintenance, upgrading functions, circuit stability, wide applicability of operating environments; clear interface, simple operation, high production efficiency and low labor intensity (one person can take charge of 2-3 sets); high degree of automation (skilled operation after general training). The installed scrap suction device is environment-friendly and healthy.
This machine can be installed with multiple drilling heads as required by the clients. Through program control, it can realize batch or orderly drilling of any work position of the workpieces.

Technical Parameter

Model and standard parameter KS-J8S117Z KS-J8S117X KS-J8S171Z KS-J8S171X
Cutting angle Any angle between ±22.5°double ends 90°double ends,45°single end
Optimized material cutting function One time or many times auto feeding in same or different length as per programme
Drilling /tapping head Drilling head Driling/tapping head Drilling head Driling/tapping head
Multiple shaft drilling device(3-axis adjustable) 1 original Taiwan made porous device
Length of one-time automatic feeding ±0.1mm
Precision of cutting length ±0.1mm
Feeding Motor Power and Speed 750W/1-30m/min
Drilling head power / speed Taiwan 1.5kW/2800 rpm
Cutting motor power / speed 2.2kW /2840 rpm
Cutting angle/speed Feeding 0-3m/min Returning 2-3m/min
Repositioning accuracy ±0.02mm/m
Maximum travel of driving head 100-150mm
Cutting width x cutting height 230x150mm
Specification of driller ISO16 Ф3-15
Specification of blade Ф500×Ф30×120T
Minimum distance of single group of holes (porous device) 13.5~22mm
Drilling diameter Ф3-Ф15mm
Working air pressure / working power 0.6-0.8MPa/380V Three-phase 50Hz
Dimension (L × W × H) 5800×2000×1500 mm /2800×1280×2000 mm
Optional functions and devices
Driling/tapping function By adding many different drilling heads, it can realize drill or tap single or multi holes
Multiple shaft drilling device Can be customized from Taiwan factory Spare tools:Customized forming drill bits, German saw blades.
Dust collector Installation of security light curtain