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KS-TS45506-CNC Aluminum Curtain Wall Profile Machining Center
KS-TS45506-CNC Aluminum Curtain Wall Profile Machining Center

Product Description

The machining center includes 3-axis and 4 axis types, and is exclusively researched and developed by our company,adopts Italian classic structure of profile machining center and German CNC profile processing technology. With CNC control three-axis linkage and two-axis separate interpolation,it can realize orderly machining on aluminum alloy profile, lightweight alloys, iron and UPVC profile.
With spindle rotation or by adding C-axis rotary worktable, it can realize 0°~180° rotation and 3 sides machining. The tool magazine is equipped with 8 +1 tool positions and it can automatically change tools as per programme.

Technical Parameter

Model and standard parameter KS-T5506/08/12 KS-TS45506/08/12 KS-TS55506/08/10/12
CNC axis/processing surface CNC 3 axis, 1 surface CNC 4 axis, 3 surface CNC 5 axis, 5 surface
Type of tool magazine(optional) Pen/disc tool magazine Disc/implict pushpull tool magazine Disc/implict pushpull tool magazine
Maximum machining length 6000/8000/12000mm 6000/8000/12000mm 6000/8000/10000/12000mm
Maximum machining width: 500mm 500mm 500mm
Maximum machining height: 500mm 500mm 500mm
Work area 6000/8000mm double work areas,12000mm three work areas
Positioning accuracy ±0.05mm/m
Power of spindle: 7.5 kW
Tool shank: ISO 30
Speed RPM 18000-24000rpm/min
Tool magazine capacity: (8+1)9 tool
Tool change time: 5~10s
X-axis speed and drive mode: 80m/min, German Dual gear rack and pinion,linear guide
Y-axis speed and drive mode: 40m/min, Japan- ball bearing screw and linear guide
Z-axis speed and drive mode: 30m/min, Japan- ball bearing screw and linear guide
Repositioning accuracy ±0.1mm
Spindle and tool changing system Air cooling/pneumatic
Operating software: GERMAN KINGSKY profile professional software ( read PLT or DXF to achieve processing automatically)
Tool detection Automatic measurement of tool length/ tool checking instrument
Security and protective devices Photoelectric protection during operation/Emergency stop device
Environment-friendly and humanizing device Milling scrap recycling bin, movable feeding table, tool changer table
Dimension (L × W × H) 8200/10200/14200 X1840 X2900mm
Optional functions and devices
Installation of C-axis or A-axis with spindle rotaion: Stardard length of C-axis :4000mm
Swing range: ± 90°, the minimum setting angle: 0.01°,, accuracy ± 0.01
Installation of tool magazine/Angle Milling Head 8 movable blades
Clamping work platform 6 set/8 set/12 set
Tool accessories ISO30 tool bit/ Clamps / Tool
Bar code scanners and supporting software For mass production, it'll automatically reading profile data and automatically implement the same machining procedure
Others Electric recycling transmission belt
Machine weight 6000kg 7000kg 12000kg